Prescott Meals on Wheels and the Institute for Dementia Arts and Education (IDEA) are proud to announce our pilot-project Arts on Wheels.

Arts on Wheels is a pilot-project to engage the homebound clients of Prescott Meals on Wheels with dance, music, poetry, and visual arts, which build on the nourishing meals provided, to help support and sustain a vibrant, creative, high-quality life.

One of the benefits of the project will be the creation of original songs, poems and visual art pieces. These will be included in the culminating event. These works will help to show the benefits and power of creatively engaging homebound people with the arts. A benefit of the exhibition will be the general publics’ better understanding of the lives of homebound people served by Prescott Meals on Wheels.

We anticipate the people served by the project will experience a reduction in their sense of being socially isolated and will track this through a series of evaluations completed by both the participants and the teaching artists.

In 2017, we have launched Arts on Wheels with support from the Arizona Arts Commission. We have trained a core group of teaching artist in creative elder care. Arts on Wheels builds on the Arizona Arts Commission’s “AZ Creative Aging,” program. It helps to expand the geographic impact of that work to the Prescott area.

We will have a culminating event on Tuesday, March 21st. Please check back for more information.

Our work draws inspiration from Glazner's book Dementia Arts: Celebrating Creativity in Eldercare. Here is a video of Glazner performing "I Carry Your Heart," by EE Cummings with one of the Prescott Meals on Wheels community members.

Arts on Wheels Staff
Teaching Artists:

Meg Bohrman
Mary Heller
Juanita Hull-Carlson
Francois Maurice

Project Coordinator:
Deborah Maurice

Bert Ijams, Prescott Meals on Wheels, Executive Director
Gary Glazner, founder and Executive Director, Alzheimer's Poetry Project and IDEA.

Artistic Director:
Gary Glazner

Please check back as we add more information from the pilot-project, including images, text and reports from the project teaching artists. For more information please contact Gary Glazner at